Kashman Consulting is a full-service information security management company.  KC protects sensitive, confidential business information from unauthorized access, disclosure, distribution and destruction.

  • We assess existing information security programs (administrative, physical and technical security controls) and
  • We develop, implement and manage information security programs tailored to each client’s specific security needs.

Information security is not a one-size-fits-all.  KC works hard to assess your most significant vulnerabilities (information security assessment), put a plan together for managing those risks (information security roadmap), and helps you execute that plan (information security program development).


news    Mission Statement

"We provide our clients the peace of mind that their business is running in a safe and secure environment. We do this by delivering high-quality, innovative information assurance and cyber security services and solutions."

image    Vision Statement

"Kashman Consulting will be an acknowledged global leader in information assurance and cyber security by delivering outstanding service and superior outcomes for our customers."

heart    Values

[expand title="Conduct"]

Acts in all endeavors with an ethical, honest mindset, and in a professional manner.
Honors Commitments, keeps promises and build trust
Is truthful in all actions and communications

Values and recognizes every individual for their unique skills, talents, and contributions
Actively listens to understand others and gives them their undivided attention
Is courteous, responsive, and professional

Treats every person with kindness, humility and empathy
Encourages a trusting environment by being genuine and transparent in actions and communications
Supports a healthy personal and professional balance
Commits to being a good corporate citizen[/expand]
[expand title="Performance"]

Dedication to superior quality in all aspects of our professional efforts
Passionately drives to exceed exceptions in everything we do
Commits to ongoing personal and professional development

Takes ownership of, and responsibility for actions and uses outcomes as learning opportunities
Gives and seeks clear expectations and priorities
Communicates impact and implications of proposed plans and actions
Maintains focus on long-term goals while meeting short-term needs

Initiate change rather than react to events
Make things happen, anticipate and overcome hurdles
Embraces the 5 P’s: Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance[/expand]

[expand title="Attitude"]

Commits to a win-win partnership approach to achieve desired results
Thoughtful, disciplined and structured approach to “do it” right
Listens, cooperates and share across the organization

Customer Centric
Strives to exceed customer’s needs and expectations through competence, innovation and teamwork
Consistently and continually deliver and expand value to our customers
Actively listen and engage customers to understand their challenges

Creatively explore new and diverse ideas
Study emerging trends in the marketplace
Deliver elegant, high value solutions with passion, desire and commitment[/expand]

list    Why We're Different

There are almost as many IT security firms as there are organizations in need of their guidance. The big names boast decades of experience and a global reputation; the smaller names promise personalized service and lower prices.

We know there are a lot of firms vying for your business. So why choose Kashman Consulting?

[expand title="1) We specialize in one thing: IT security."]Other firms offer services in dozens of areas. Not us. Our focus and our passion are centered on one mission: delivering premium IT security solutions. That means we get to the root of the problem faster and with more lasting results.[/expand]

[expand title="2) We are GSA Schedule 70 holder, woman-owned (WOSB), economically disadvantaged woman-owned (EDWOSB), minority-owned and small disadvantaged business (SDB)."]We satisfy all of your diversity needs without sacrificing any of the skills and experience you need.[/expand]

[expand title="3) We are trusted advisors to key government decision makers and help shape IT security policy."]Kashman Consulting understands information security from every angle.  That means we can offer clients a broad perspective on today’s security challenges and early insights into tomorrow’s threats. This gives us invaluable insight when engineering innovative security solutions to meet these obstacles.[/expand]

[expand title="4) We have the infrastructure and the acumen to compete with the largest firms as the prime contractor."]Our knowledgeable base of talent and mature business processes give us the ability to pursue and successfully execute prime contracts.[/expand]

[expand title="5) We focus on our core competency and only select partnering opportunities that fit within our specialty."]We seek partnerships that foster collaboration, allowing us to extend our expertise in delivering exceptional IT security solutions for our clients.[/expand]